This page is dedicated to the our members who have passed on. Please contact the International Chaplain and the International Secretary with all the details concerning the passing of RKMC members ASAP. There are protocols that we follow and we would like to know as soon as possible so that we may show our respects in a timely manner.

To report passing of Red Knights member press here

Passing: Patricia K. Carter 06/26/2018

NAME: (as to be placed at the Memorial) Patricia K. Carter CHAPTER: IN1 – Compassionate Honorary Member WAKE INFORMATION: Shirley […]

Passing: Claude Corbin 06/10/2018

NAME: (as to be placed at the Memorial) Claude P. Corbin CHAPTER: RKMC Maine IX – Active WAKE INFORMATION: Viewing […]

Passing: John Troianello 04/18/2018

NAME: (as to be placed at the Memorial) John Troianello CHAPTER: NJ32 Stirling – Associate WAKE INFORMATION: 4/21/2018 FUNERAL INFORMATION: […]