Grand Tour Europe

Tom “Sparks” Hoedjes

Born in 1958 in the Netherlands. After school I joined the Marines Corps and became part of the signal branch there for “Sparks“

After 5 years changed to the army and followed a medical career: nurse, paramedic, nurse-anaesthetist.

After leaving the army after 20 years I emigrated to Switzerland in 1998 and worked in several positions as an instructor in nursing and paramedics also at the fire/rescue service Zurich Airport.

I am still serving as an Army Reserve Officer and had several deployments, the last one in Afghanistan finished January 2017. In civil life I am retired and can enjoy the RKMC, Ham radio and some other activities.

I am a memberof this great MC since 2009 and had always a board function within chapter and association. President of both Switzerland-1 and the Association of Europe.

I will help you as much as I can and getting you on the road with the
“Grand Tour“ Program as your European Representative. Do not hesitate to call or E-mail me when you have any questions.