International President

Chris Gadway

In April 2010 I was asked to consider running for the office of RKMC International Vice President by a person I hold quite a bit of respect for. I did consider this as an opportunity at that time but wanted to take some time to speak with my family as well as other Red Knights to get their feel for this commitment. I then decided that I would be humbled to serve in this position.

After a month or so and my family’s continued dedicated support, I announced my candidacy for the office of RKMC International Vice President.

For those of you that do not know me or the ones that want to know my past a little more, here we go….

Born in Oregon, I enlisted into the US Coast Guard. I received a billet to the Presidential Honor Guard in Washington DC. After 4 years of spit and polish, multiple ceremonies a day and having the honor to work around some of the world leaders, I decided to leave active duty. I stayed in the reserves and went to work for Bell Atlantic in the DC area. I still work for Verizon (until July-3- 2010) when I will be leaving the company to have the much needed time to build one of my businesses. In 2005, my wife and I started a property management company which we built and still reap the rewards from. We recently started another business and I will be running that as well.

As a patriot, veteran and military reserve member, I was devastated by the occurrences of 9-11. I was ready for the call. Since leaving active duty, I met my wife, Julie and now have two incredible children, Julia (22) and Blake, Lil’man (13). In October of 2001, I received a reenlistment letter for the reserves and through the request of my new family I did not re-up. Two months later the guilt complex was in overdrive. I felt I had turned my back on my country. The next day I drove past my local firehouse and saw the sign “volunteers needed”. That was all it took! I joined Huntingtown VFD This is a department that has 140+ members and responds to nearly 200 calls a month. While going through many of the courses at University of Maryland Fire/ Rescue Inst., I realized that I not only loved the work, but also found the camaraderie refreshing. In 2006 I was elected as treasurer for the department, then as vice president in 2008, where I currently serve.

Chris Gadway (MD4)
3029 Bowie Ln
Huntingtown, MD, U.S.A., 20639
(301) 518-2090
Skype: rkzippy