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Charity: 2018 4th Annual Firefighter’s Ride for Awareness of Cancer in the Fire Service

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Ny 19 Held its 4th Annual Firefighter’s Ride to benefit the Believe 271 Foundation on Saturday June 4th. Beleive 271 provides financial assistance to Regional Firefighter’s who become ill due to fire related illness or cancer. The foundation also provides numerous outreach presentations to NY Fire Depts. in their own stations to educate on the improtance of cleaning turnout gear and selecting healthy life choices to minimize the risk of cancer. This year our major donation sponsor was Harley-Davidson of Utica. The Ride had 198 attendees, with 170 bikes making a 2 mile long motorcade. This years presentation was made at the 2018 NYSAFC Show at Turning Stone Casino June 16.